Picture Courtesy of Martina Z. (thank you!)

Picture Courtesy of Martina Z. (Thank You Marge!)

Achooo! And Achoooooooooo!

Boy is it dusty in here! Time to whip out the virtual feather duster and oil the rusty keyboard!

So much has happened since my last post and I have a boatload of drafts for posts started on various subjects, but never really got around to getting anything published!

This is probably the fate that a lot of blogs face, started in a spur of enthusiasm only to die a slow death from negligence. Let’s see if we can bring this one back to life.

In my defense, I was a bit distracted, going through a roller coaster ride of life events over the last 20 months.

  • Met someone (On the very same day that I hit the “publish” button for that last post)
  • Lost a friend (the day after I posted)
  • Had my interview for US citizenship
  • Put my house on the market
  • Fell in love
  • Became a US citizen
  • Finalized my divorce after way over a year of separation
  • Sold or gave away most of my stuff
  • Sold my house and downsized some more
  • Invested all the proceeds from the house sale into VTSAX
  • Helped close my company’s local office
  • Tried to come to terms with a company required relocation to another state
  • Decided to step down from HSGP board
  • Bought an RV
  • Got married
  • Downsized further into the RV with my cats and my new husband
  • Voted for the very first time in the primaries
  • Hired and trained a new colleague
  • Tried to figure out whether or not to have a significant medical procedure
  • Decided to take a year off from work to explore North America in an RV and spend more time on things that matter to me
  • Asked my boss for a leave of absence, got denied and resigned from my job after almost 18 years with the company.
  • Read Jim Collin’s book, which got published right at the perfect time for me and which I desperately want to write a review for
  • Notified customers, prepared handover, said goodbye to colleagues and handed in my work phone and computer.
  • Hit the road with hubby and kitties!

All while working, volunteering, donation shopping, doing lots of traveling, pursuing financial independence and overall trying to not to fail too much at this thing called life. Whew!

Some of these subjects warrant a post of their own and as I said I have drafts started for several of them that need to be worked on. Sorry, but things got busy, kind of….right?

Right now, I am most concerned about breaking the silence, as there are even more changes ahead of me and I am eager to document them for myself and a few folks interested to hear more.

At this point I still have a ton of things to get done, as I am only a few days in …

Scary? Yes! And exciting!

Can’t wait to see how this all pans out!