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This page contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase an item or sign up for a service via one of these links this blog may receive a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you, so if you chose to use any of these links, thank you for supporting my blog.

Below are some things I use, like or otherwise experiment with. Some may appear in blog posts sooner or later. If there’s something I love, I’ll gladly endorse it, independent of the incentive. If I am on the fence, I will tell you so. If I am not convinced, I won’t bother, no matter how well it pays.

You certainly don’t have to use my links to check any of these services out. If you decide there’s something you may be interested in and you do use them, I may get a small commission, so thanks for helping me help out others. Any money I may make from this blog, will go to causes, I support. It was my original plan to start a donor advised fund during my last year of employment, but as I quit my job two years earlier than planned, that did not happen, yet. I am far away from making any money from this blog, but if I ever do, it will be given away.


Books that changed my life!

I know that sounds overly dramatic, but these three books had a huge impact on me!



Everybody buys stuff on Amazon, even us frugal types, just be careful and do price comparisons before you buy. We like that Amazon also has a giving program called Amazon Smile, through which they donate a small amount of the value of your purchases to a charity designated by YOU. Again, shop around, sometimes it will make more sense to buy somewhere else and directly donate the money saved to your favorite charity, instead of paying more via Amazon Smile.

EBATES  (gives you rebates for your online shopping, they also have a sign up bonus, so at the very least try it once for the bonus and see if you like it)

Groupon (helps you find discounted deals on sightseeing and all kinds of other activities, including goods)

Ibotta referral link (Ibotta is a shopping app that lets you get rebated for things you buy, it’s easy to use and there’s a $10 signup bonus for you when you try it out and submit a rebate, sometimes they have rebates for fruits, veggies and dairy)

SavingStar and Checkout51 are further cash back shopping app options, both work similarly to ibotta. You pick your rebate, upload your receipt and select which items you are submitting. Very easy to do. No coupon clipping neccessary, unless you want to. SavingStar also has offers for healthy options like produce every week.

Get free printable coupons now from (you will need to install a printer app or put in a phone number to print coupons, I usually do a quick check for things I am planning on buying anyways)

Amex Blue Cash Preferred Credit card for 6% back on groceries and 3% or more back on gas.


Personal Capital lets you track and manage all your assets and investments in one place. Some people loath it, some love it.

Everybody in the finance world touts it. I haven’t made up my mind yet. 



I use Bluehost and am quite happy so far. Web Hosting $6.95

Phone Service:

I use Freedompop for free phone and data, it can sometimes be iffy, but hey it’s free (once you downgrade your service right after signing up). Their regular hotspot and LTE service are with Sprint, so coverage is not great, but their International Hotspot and SIM Kits seem to be with ATT and sometimes roam with TMO, which usually give much better coverage. I am working on a blog post with a review.

I recommend getting a 100% Free World Internet w/ Global Hotspot + Free 500MB Bonus – FreedomPop plus a couple of
FreedomPop Global 3-in-1 SIM Kit + Free 1GB Bonus -$0.25, sometimes they’ll offer you an extra for just a penny

Penny Sale: 100% Free Mobile Phone Service w/ Global 3-in-1 SIM Kit + Free 1GB Bonus – FreedomPop

After adding your Freedom Friends and downgrading the free trials, you can have 700 MB data on that hotspot. Once you reach your 700 MB, just switch out the SIM for another one of your FreedomPop Global 3-in-1 SIM Kit + Free 1GB Bonus -$0.25

These FreedomPop Global 3-in-1 SIM Kit + Free 1GB Bonus -$0.25 also work in phones in Europe, I have tried them myself.

If you are in an area where Sprint has good coverage, They have a few good phone options:

100% Free Talk, Text, & Data Trial + Pick you number of Moto E LTE. Just pay $25/phone

100% Free Mobile Phone Service w/ LG G4 – FreedomPop

But forget those, when you are out in the boonies.

You can also get a sprint based Hotspot, but that only makes sence when in a city
100% Free 4G Internet w/ Netgear Mingle 4G LTE/3G Hotspot + 5GB Bonus – FreedomPop

Get 10GB ($100 value) of 4G Data FREE w/ Netgear Zing 4G/3G LTE Hotspot – FreedomPop

Stay tuned for a Blogpost on this.
A lot of frugal folks, including some friends of mine use Republic Wireless and are pretty happy, I have not used them myself yet

Republic Wireless Moto X $5/month. Data, Talk & Text.


I am also currently experimenting with Red Pocket Mobile:

Here’s a Red Pocket deal ($330 / year for 6GB data and unlimited talk and text)  on ebay

and here’s a deal on Amazon: Red Pocket $255 / year for 3GB data and unlimited talk and text

The advantage of Red Pocket is that you can choose your carrier among the four major companies. I’ll be sure to report once I have more experience.


Support your National Parks. Shop eParks | the official online store of America’s National Parks. Click here!

Roadside assistance

We use Good Sams, which gets you discounts at Flying J / Pilot gas stations and Camping World, right now they have a Bonus deal for you to get $15 off at Camping World if you sign up for  Roadside Assistance for $79.95 + $15 for Camping World. They are also currently running a deal on their Travel Assist Membership: Travel Benefits only $69.99 + $15 Bonus Cash

Good Sam Roadside Assistance


Travel South Dakota! (South Dakota is a popular residence location for full time RVers)

Affiliate networks:

Here are some I am using, if you are a blogger you may want to look into these



Blogging Resources

The bloggers over at ROCKSTAR FINANCE are a very supportive bunch. I also recommend attending a WordCamp seminar if you can find one in your area. Most bloggers in the community love to share knowledge and support each other, which makes connecting with the tribe an interesting and rewarding experience.

“Make money online” Surveys

I am not a big believer in using surveys to make money online. A friend of mine encouraged me to add them, she thinks filling them in is an easy fun thing to do, while waiting in line etc. I am not sure so, but hey, here are some affiliate links for various surveys in case you want to see if it’s worth your time (please do let me know if it is, if you end up using any of these, I am truly curious).

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